Achter de Vischmarkt

'Silly Saturday' was  the coming out day for  Maurits Tompot and Hanneke Leroux as Thom & Griffie 


Once Aart Goedewagen not only stated that a certain William Baernelts was the first pipemaker in Gouda, but also the famous Bard from Britain or William Shakespeare from Stratford-upon-Avon.

Aart was director of the famous Gouda pottery 'Royal Goedewagen' and chairman of the  Gouda Windows Foundation, a prestigious society within the stately Saint John's Church. 

More than 60 years later, Thom & Griffie have been challenged to investigate this discovery. It pleased the writers at the day of Shakespeare's birth and death to present the book 'Shakespeare is Here', a novel based on historical facts.

Due to the research of Harry Veenendaal and the translation of the sonnets by the former City Poet Hanneke Leroux, this special story has contributed to the celebration of the 750 year existence of Gouda. it is also the start of the annual Shakespeare Day on 23 April.


First pipe workshop Achter de Vischmarkt in Gouda.


   'The Shakespeare                Conspiracy'



Shakespeare's last plot