Press release


23 April is the date of Shakespeare's birth and death.

On the 23 April 2024 the English version of  Shakespeare is Here will be launched in the bookstore SHAKESPEARE AND COMPANY in Paris.

The novel is up to date with lockdowns caused by the plague, drugs, plot thinking, intersex, persiflages and political cartoons.

Shakespeare is Here is not only a biography and triptych based on historical facts, but also a  'Remake of the Praise of the Foly'.

The first act is a historical play. In 1609 the reader disembarks at the Veerstal in Gouda with the famous poet from London, who escaped the plague.

In the Saint John's Church in Tergouw he meets Martijntje Jasper's Daughter, who is married with William Baernelts, a potter originally from Bromyard in England. Together, the men start the first pipe workshop in Tergouw or Gouda, Achter de Vischmarkt.

The second act is a comedy. Shakespeare remains in London and Stratford. A morbid, typical Shakespearean drama developes from the brain of the master scriptwriter.

The third act is not like the Midsummer Night's Dream, the only comedy with a happy end. It is more like a tragedy, William arrives in Tergouw again due to the hunt of the sheriffs in the cold case of the Gunpowder Plot. He has to invent the plot of his life. Finally he is buried in his beloved Saint John's Church. ‘To be or not to be', that is the mystery.

The authors, Thom & Griffie don't stop at the grave of Shakespeare, but go on with his resurection for Shakespeare is here’!

Therefore the drive to celebrate the annual Shakespeare Day of 23 April

These days will be full of  poems, rap, music and theater acts.

                                   We hope to see you in Paris!

                                               Thom &Griffie






             To be or not to be is the mystery