Shakespeare Conspiracy and Last PLot




                  Where will the next Shakespeare day be when the English

                                      translation is launched?



                            To be or not to be, that's the mystery...






Prologue of the book Shakespeare is here




After the sound of three clarion calls,

the prologue dressed as a jester appears on stage,

where there is only a stack of books and white walls.

He bows, somersaults and introduces me like a living sage.

When he leaves, the drummer on the balcony starts to beat

and as the curtains open, I’m beckoned to appear in my costume

of the crisp clean collar, white stockings and boots on my feet,

to stomp on the boards with my heels to the rhythm of the tune

I stare into the gaping maw of the audience on the floor,

take off my hat, spread my arms and call out in a loud voice,

'My name is William Shakespeare, born in Stratford-upon-Avon in 1564'.

I bow, walk backwards and disappear on the right, now without any noise.

After a deafening silence I appear again and sit upon a hundred books or more,

Exclaiming, 'My name is William Flut, born in Bromyard in 1564.'