The pottery workshop


First pipe workshop 'Achter de Vischmarkt' in Tergouw, Gouda

Did the famous Jester or Bard from Britain stroll in Gouda? The reader will investigate this breaking news in this thrilling novel. 

Thom & Griffie prepared your way and will take you back into the seventeenth century.

You will encounter updated issues like lockdowns, plot theories, intersex conditions, antisemitism and the parody of complot thinking.

Who are Thom & Griffie?

As William Shakespeare chose the name William Flut as a pseudonym, so have the authors chosen the aliases of Thom & Griffie. 

Maurits Tompot is a connoisseur of the Gouda Windows at the Saint John's Church and Hanneke Leroux was the former City Poet of Gouda for several years.